Copenhagen is my new favorite city...

This place is so clean, organized and full of the most remarkable people.

It was such an honor to be able to cruise and shoot photos/videos with my friends and tour around with Copenhagen local, Rune Glifberg!

From riding bikes around town to skating the best parks in the world to eating the best food of my life, this is definitely a trip I will remember.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and people I met!

Here are some photos and videos from our stay here in Denmark!


Got to go with some of best friends and shoot photos and video in Malmo, Sweden!

Vert Attack was the sickest skate event I have ever been to. The energy the whole week was so

great, people were so inviting and everyone was genuinely stoked to skate.

The vibe was so inviting I put down my camera I entered the Pro event..... Ended up taking a few

runs in my stacked Pro Qualifier with Frenchy and Paul Luc! Everyone was so rad they cheered

and this was one of the sickest experiences of my life for sure. All and all I'm just so glad I didn't

slam dropping in and I even ended beating someone! HAHA!

After the event we had a giant after party and almost got thrown out of club for starting a

"spaghetti O" chant .. random but pretty awesome to me !

Huge congrats to Jimmy on the win! Next stop ----- COPENHAGEN DENMARK!

Here are a few images and a quick video highlight!





Where do I even begin?

I came out to Australia with very little plan and still very tired from Indonesia exploring.

I met an awesome Aussie couple on my last week in Bali and they offered that I crash on their couch for a few nights in Bondi, They ended up being the most epic, welcoming people I have met.

Thank you so much to Tori and Dale for letting me crash and showing me around true Aussie style, I will never forget this and I appreciate everything so much.

I was lucky enough to shoot the BONDI BOWL-O RAMA skate contest, a contest that I have always fantasized about going to especially every year watching Zach on the live webcast kill it.

When the contest started to role around I got to link up with some of my best friends, Shea Donavan (New roommate), Nick Ardecky (old roommate), Taylor Fischer (Epic media creator), Beaver Flemming, and many many more as all the pros started to come into town, It almost felt like we had a chunk of Encinitas with us on the other side of the world.

After I left Tori and Dales place, the Backpackers Hostel that was literally across the street from the event and beach offered to host me in return for a video, gladly I took them up on this offer and the staff and every people at this place immediately felt like a family. Hands down one of the most amazing Hostels I have ever step foot into.

I cant even begin to start naming off all of the amazing people I met at this hostel and the friendships we will forever keep, but luckily we have social media now to keep in contact as everyone is from different parts of the world.

One of my favorite days, was finals day of the Bondi Bowl-o-rama, I was busy shooting all day and during the pro final intermission I came back to the room and was surprised to find Taylor Fischer, Nick Ardecky and our new friend LOCKY in our room, this ended up turning into the sickest room and travel crew I have had yet while traveling.

I dont want to blab for too long, so here are some images and a video wrap from the event!

If you want to see more stay tuned for my book and buy a copy


Bali was amazing, so many perfect waves and amazing new friends as well as thrills with near death scooter rides.

I did a bit of hopping around and shot for resorts and hostels in return for stay, that was an amazing experience and plan to do that as much as I can as I travel.

Bali was beautiful and especially outside of the main tourist areas like Canggu and Kuta, I especially liked the north of Bali in Ubud and Lovina, it was so rural and the culture felt so welcoming.

If and when I make it back I would love to occupy most of my time down in Uluwatu and island hop back to Java, Sumbawa and the amazing less crowded islands.

I am really looking forward to my time in Australia and already in the first day I feel mesmerized. Alot of the boys are coming to town at the end of the week for the Bondi Bowl-o-rama skate event and the Australia open so look forward to seeing everyone and exploring together.

All and all this trip has been incredible so far, I want to say that you to everyone that helped with funding my book and encouraged me to go for it!

Thanks for reading!



Sumbawa is incredible. 

When I first arrived into BIMA airport Ill admit, I was a bit uncomfortable and nervous about what I was doing and where I was going to stay and how I was going to get there, especially with the advertised taxi price being 800,000 Rupiah.

After I landed, I must have looked lost and confused when a Belgium couple was nice enough to offer to take me in their cab and only pay 200,000 for the 3 hour drive ahead.

When I arrived to Lakey Peak I was greeted by the most incredible people including locals and visitors and immediately felt comfortable again. I did not have wifi for a week which was such a nice way to unplug and let everyone communicate on a personal level without Instagram and facebook as a buffer between people and languages. Also the waves were all time and I honestly could not have asked for a better time.

I had an incredible time and cannot wait to go back, I want to say thank you to everyone I met and everyone who allowed me to photograph them, I will cherish these photographic memories for my lifetime.

Ok I am done blabbing, here are some images and video from Sumbawa, I hope you enjoy and go one day!

A very special thank you to Clint, I met him on the airplane as I landed in Denpasar, we exchanged info and he facebook messaged me, get to Sumbawa and meet me here, I am so incredibly thankful I did because he is such a rad dude and showed me the best time and introduced me to some incredible locals and visitors that meant more to me than I can explain in words.